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People Don’t Change Their Reasons To Stay the Same Do

It’s difficult when people get use to the person you were when you were younger because they begin to expect the same obedient reactions. They never realize that the more you silence yourself the more you have to say that was never said when you actually wanted to express them. Its hard to be heard when everyone around you is screaming, so you sit and wait for your time to even whisper your own opinions. When you do everyone looks at you differently, as if you’ve changed. The reality of change that no one realizes is that you change not because you want to but because you have to. Life teaches you these lessons that force you to try something new because what you were doing before obviously wasn’t working.

If you’re shaking hands with the devil and he continues to burn you, anyone will stop shaking his hand. Being nice and polite only goes so far sometimes you have to be mean, not because you want to but because you have to. If people continue not to listen to you because you’re quiet you have to learn to speak up. The problem is knowing when to do so.

Life passes by fast so don’t do what’s expected of you even if others might look at you in a different light. It might seem difficult but you come to a point where pleasing yourself is more important than pleasing the people around you…..


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